І. Zhovta The Figure of the Head-Teacher in the Daily Life of the Girls of the Kyiv Institute of Noble Girls in the 19th — Early 20th Cent.

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.53.2021.248460

National Technical University of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»

The paper explores the figure of the head-teacher in education and everyday
life of the girls of the Kyiv Institute of noble girls in the 19th — early 20th cent.
who played an important role in the upbringing of the young generation of women
and the functioning of one of the largest boarding schools in the Ukrainian
lands of Russian Empire. The role of the head-teacher has been understudied in
modern Ukrainian and foreign historiography. This issue is only partially mentioned
in the context of schools as institutions and the daily life of their students.
The author uses general scientific and historical methods. At the centre is a micro-
historical approach, which will allow, due to the reduction of the scale, to
analyse in detail the experience of head-teachers and their relationships with
the staff of the institute and its girls. The focus of the study is to present headmistresses,
their relationships, and rights, with a detailed description of their working conditions, including accommodation, meals, and salaries. The priority
was to analyse what they had to do according to the statutes and instructions
and to understand what they did at their work practically. Particular attention is
paid to the relations with the staff of the institution, especially to their influence
on the selection and dismissal of colleagues, to the social life outside the institution
including attending various events. Also, important emphasis is made on
the participation of headmistresses in the education of the girls and their general
upbringing. It is concluded that the head-teachers provided the girls with
clothes and tried to partially improve their living conditions. The author made a
conclusion that headmistresses cared for sick children and received information
about the health of class ladies. However, the head-teachers paid less attention
to the nutrition of the students and physical exercises, which had a negative impact
on the health of the girls.
Keywords: head-teacher, Kyiv Institute of Noble Girls, a girl of the institute,
women’s education, history of everyday life, microhistory.


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