M. Tarasiuk Everyday Life of the Middle Ages: Historiographical Aspects

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.52.2021.236147

In the article, the author checks the assumption that the history of everyday
life as a scientific field plays an important role in the research of domestic medievalists.
The level of the research of the history of medieval everyday life in
Ukrainian historiography is clarified. According to the author’s observations,
historiography about the history of the daily life of the Ukrainian Middle Ages
is analyzed for the first time.
It has been found that historians have been interested in studying the everyday
life of the Middle Ages since the 19th century. This kind of history was called
«the history of the population». During the Soviet Union, the study of the history of the people was slowed down by the Marxist approach. The history of everyday
life as an independent scientific field was formed in independent Ukraine due to
the change of the scientific paradigm, and the effective use of foreign historiography.
Medievalists explore the material, and the spiritual dimensions of the early,
the high, and the late Middle Ages actively, using an interdisciplinary approach.
Historical works about the history of daily life combine the study of the late Middle
Ages and the early modern times. Ukrainian studies of the history of everyday
life are similar to the British, the French, and the Italian versions. Modern researches
are based on neo-positivism and postmodern approaches. Furthermore,
in the paper, it has been found that the specifics of preserved sources affect the
ability of the scientist to study one or another aspect of the daily life of different
social groups. Ukrainian historians analyze the everyday life of burghers (including
artisans), and monks, and less often peasants. Today there is no comprehensive
work about the history of the medieval everyday life of Ukrainians. The
publication of the history of Ukrainian everyday life will open perspectives for
a deeper understanding of the preconditions, and the causes of political events
and economic changes, the changes in worldview of society in the Middle Ages,
which influenced the following historical epochs. In most cases, certain topics are
reflected in some historical articles. The author has concluded that the assumption
is correct, and the history of everyday life is a popular scientific field today.

Keywords: the historiography, the history of everyday life, the Middle Ages,
new social history, Ukraine.


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