V. Shcherbatyuk, Ye. Durnov, Yu. Sokur State and Legal Development of the Ancient Egypt: Modern National Historiography

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.51.2020.220193

National Academy of Internal Affairs

The goal of this article is to analyze the works of the Ukrainian historical
researchers regarding the state and the legal development of the Ancient Egypt.
The auhors reveal to what extent it has been studied, distinguish the issues that
were raised by the most of the discussions and identify those aspects that need
further exploration.
The authors of the article have proved that the studies published by the
Ukranian contemporary reserches regarding the state and legal development
of Ancient Egypt highlight only some of its aspects. The absence of the comprehensive
summarising research regarding this aspect requires filling this
gap in the historiographic knowledge. The given article contributes to the
area of this issue.
The following tasks were completed in order to achieve this goal. Firstly, the
authors outlined the development of Egyptology in Ukraine, then deduced the
main trends in the interpreting of the state and legal development in Ancient
Egypt and their content, identified the range of issues which need further scientific
analysis. The critical study demonstrates that exploration of the state and
legal development has fully prospered only in the sovereign Ukraine. This trend
has continued to grow and proved that scientists manisfests an increased interest
to this problem and that it demands further scientific exploration. The study
and critical understanding of historical sources and legal artifacts, the problems
of the regional and local governing in Ancient Egypt, describing their functions,
the principles of management, administration, disciplining and legitimacy of
the army and the police in Egypt, the ideological and religious groundings for
punishments in Ancient Egypt need further scientific exploration. The significant
number of analyzed publications makes this studyv valid and particularly important
for the present-day historiographical knowledge.
Although Ukrainian Egyptology is currently in its infancy, its development in
Ukraine has history. The study of certain topics of Egyptology in Ukraine, including
the state and legal development of Ancient Egypt, dates back to the second
half of the nineteenth century. The history of this science is filled not only with
the achievements of individual scientists, it is characterized by a slowdown, but
in some historical periods even with the suspension of development. This was
a consequence of the establishment of the Soviet totalitarian regime in Ukraine
and the implantation in society of its inherent ideology, the dominance of ideological
layers in science.

Keywords: Ancient Egypt, historiography, state and legal development,
research, state administration, law


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