S. Kostyleva Media Sphere Reforming: Printed Media in Modern Ukraine on their Way to Privatization (1991–2013)

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.51.2020.220194

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

The article covers the historical period that preceded the privatization reform
of the print media in modern Ukraine (1991–2013). The content of first draft laws
on privatization, prepared both by state and non-state institutions and organizations,
is analyzed, the meanings of public debates that took place around these
processes are considered.
Based on the analysis of different types of historical sources, it is proved that
during this period the country possessed all the necessary conditions for legislative
and political changes in the print media: key issues to be addressed were
identified and spotlighted, psychological rationale for future perception of privatization
reform by state-operated printed media staff was prepared. However,
despite the creation of a certain basis for the successful implementation of media
reform, the reform process turned out to be unnaturally long, lasting more
than 20 years.
The conclusion is substantiated that although such a situation is traditionally
associated only with a lack of political will of authorities, in reality the cause of
this delay stemmed from various factors. On the one hand — lack of legal norms,
opposition of post-communist elites, influence of large business groups which managed
to establish control over the media space of Ukraine for some time, and on
the other hand — weak motivation for revolutionary changes in many editorial
boards of newspapers and magazines, which for a long time sought to preserve
the Soviet tradition — patronage by the State. The specificity of Ukraine was that,
despite declaring Europe-oriented approach, Ukrainian legislation on the print
media functioning hesitated to follow European experience. The explanation of
this paradoxical situation is obviously to be found in deep processes of the slow
transformation of Ukrainian society, which still requires systematic research.

Keywords: рrivatization of print media, media reform, media expert, government
agency, NGO.


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