S. A. Chukut, N. M. Dragomyretska, M. I. Mykhailutsa Establishing of modern Ukrainian Scientific Thought on the Development of e-GovernANCE in Ukraine: the Interdisciplinary Aspect

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.51.2020.220187

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Odesa Regional Institute of Public Administration National Academy of Public Administration under the President of Ukraine

Odesa National Maritime University

The scientific research on the phenomenon of e-governance in different areas
of science in Ukraine was actively conducted during the last ten years. Researches
in public administration, political science, economics, law, historical sciences,
and technical science explored the opportunities of e-governance for society. The
purpose of the article is to characterize the current state of Ukrainian scientific
thought in various fields of science regarding the history of national e-government.
The study has completed the following tasks. Firstly, the authors determined
the main directions of scientific research regarding the place and the role of
e-government in society. Secondly, the authors identified the opinions given in
the scientific literature that reflect certain theoretical frameworks of the literature.
Thirdly, the authors outlined those gaps and controversial issues that require
further research.
The authors of the article have identified six stages within the evolution of the
discourse about e-government. The first stage (1990–1998) is manifested itself
in awareness emergence of the role of new technologies in the development of
any organization or institution. The second stage (1999–2006) is domination of
exploration of foreign experience of informatization and e-government and an
attempt to implement it into the Ukrainian reality. The third stage (2007–2010)
took place when the active discussions among scientists and practitioners regarding
e-government. The fourth stage (2011–2013) took place when the popularity
of scientific researches and publications increased. The fifth stage (2014–2018)
can be named “The New Wave” which is characterized by the emergence of
many authors that contributed to the science and the new articles written by them.
The sixth stage has begun in 2019. The authors of the article believe that this
is the stage of intensive development, the construction of new theoretical models,
the creation of a base of all existing researches and publications about e-governance,
and building up the association of scientists who can influence the level of
development of the e-governance in Ukraine.

Keywords: history, scientific thought, e-government, e-governance, public
administration, public management.


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