N. Petrenko Adult Primary Education Teachers of Sumy Region of the 1920’s — Early 1930’s: Prosopographic Portrait

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.51.2020.220181

Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University

The author of the article, based on the scientific literature and documents of
the State Archives of Sumy region, created a collective portrait of a teacher of
the 20’s — early 30’s of XX century. This period of the Ukrainian history was
connected with large-scale transformations in the field of education and culture
and, first of all, primary education and adult education. In this period the teacher
becomes not only the transmitter of certain knowledge, but also the spreader
of ideological agenda imposed by the government.
Investigation of biographical data and social status of teachers of elementary
education institutions of adults in Sumy region at the beginning of the XX century
aims at the constructing of a collective image of representatives of this profession.
This study, in a certain sense, is a collective biography, which represents
a teacher on a background of the era, and at the same time, helps to understand
better the features of a particular historical dramas of this era depicting the life
of an individual or a group of people and giving a major prosopohrafic analysis.
The author emphasizes that it is impossible to limit the research to prosopography
exclusively, because in many perspectives it goes beyond the limits of possibilities
of this method and requires the use of sociological methods.
The research base consists of official papers, as only a few teachers left their
memories, and these people were in a sense, outstanding and famous who made
history through influential social and political activity. However, the authors see
the task in representing an average teacher. For this reason ego sources in the
given research were used rather as illustrations.
To carry out the research, the author created and applied a separate questionnaire
to collect and analyze information that reflects the personal records of
teachers found in the State Archives of the Sumy region. Thanks to it, a hundred
of personal cases of adult education teachers were processed, highlighting their
educational level, the average age, social, and economic status. In some cases,
their political preferences were also explored.

Keywords: prosopography, a teacher, adult education, a prosopographic portrait.


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