L. Lanovyuk Evolution of the Image of the Village in Ukrainian Fishing Literature

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.51.2020.220190

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

The article provides an analysis of the evolution image of the Ukrainian village
in literature. Development and evolution of views on the place and role of
the Ukrainian village and its inhabitants, in particular, in the literary works of
artists of the XX century, both in Ukraine and in the Diaspora. The purpose of
the article is to point out the need for a re-awareness of the image of the Ukrainian
village in art and breakaway from the stereotypes that have formed about it.
The article concludes that the theme of bakery work, love for the land were
central to the life of a Ukrainian peasant, which romantic interpreting of daily
of life, despite the realities. The publication also noted that the classical and the
Soviet literature were characterized by political commitment and recognition in
the literature of a certain educational social role, but due to Ukrainе’s independence
and the disappearance of censorship, the need for these functions of public
resistance has fallen significantly. It is also stated that the village is not a static,
but historically, socially and spiritually a dynamic system, which can only be depicted
truthfully when exploring the complexity of transformation. Only in this
way can one identify all (historically shaped) features, aspirations, ideals and
perspectives and problems of the village. Today, it offers diverse trends in contemporary
Ukrainian literature. It is stated in the article that there is a current
contradiction in the theme of the village in the literature: the rural theme is presented
as secondary or as having a number of stereotypes. However, in a number
of works by contemporary literary artists, we find the image of a post-Soviet
Ukrainian village. The village appears as the unity of idealistic nostalgia for the
past and the disgraceful features of rural life. The village appears as a complex
social organism, which is defined in its essence not only by morality or ethics,
aesthetic inclinations, but also by work, life, and the production interests. The
role of literature that exploits the image of rural scenes, must artistically reflect
the aspects of rural life through anthropological and historical lenses.

Keywords: Ukrainian village, artistic image, literature, engagement, nostalgia.


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