R. R. Kutsyk The Dynamics of Periodical Publications’ Development in Kyiv Before and During the First World War: Statistical Analysis

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.50.2020.210123

Based on statistical analysis, the article highlights the peculiarities of the development of the most popular socio-political and religious newspapers published in Kyiv during the First World War, in particular, “Kyiv Thought”, “Latest News”, “Southern Penny”, “Evening Newspaper”. “Kiev”, “Kiev” and others. The article describes the classification of periodical publications according to various criteria, namely: the time of release, the place of publication, thematic direction, and ideological context. The statistical data of the periodicals circulation and the editorial price policy were analyzed. The charts demonstrated the dynamics of changes in the number of periodical publications during 1913–1916.

The authors concluded that one of the main consequences of the war was the reduction in the periodic products’ number by 41,8% and the closure of the majority of national and small editions that did not withstand competition, censorship, and economic pressure caused by military events. In the meantime, the positions of the conservative Russian-language press were strengthening, such press was supported by the authorities, which led to the rise of its circulation almost twice and turning Russian-language periodicals into mass products – a platform for imperial information propaganda. At the same time, due to the difficult socio-economic situation in the Russian Empire, monetary devaluation, and the high cost of the necessary materials for printing, the subscription prices rose considerably.

Keywords: periodical publications, press, newspaper, Kyiv, the First World War, Russian Empire, statistics, statistical analysis.


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