I. Lebedeva Problem of the Regional Executive Power System Building by the Ukrainian People’s Republic

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.49.2019.189559

Kyiv National Linguistic University

The article discusses how Ukrainian People’s Republic leaders in the period
of Central Council searched for the successful model for a regional executive
power system. It shows that at the beginning, the General Secretariat planned
to involve a wide range of revolutionary democratic organizations, that had
emerged in Ukraine after the February Revolution of 1917, into the state-building.
However, the opposition from the Provisional Government allowed neither
to reorganize the Ukrainian authorities nor to influence their activities in general.
The General Secretariat gained an opportunity to implement its conceptual
approach of the widespread democratization of the authorities only after the
Ukrainian People’s Republic proclaimed independence and obtained the status
of a government. It drafted a project decree on provincial councils which would
have involved representatives of local self-governing bodies, land committees,
worker, and soldier councils. The article cites this draft and analyses its contents.
The proposed decree was discussed at the government meeting in December

With some insignificant remarks, it was approved and submitted to the
Central Council in January 1918. The offensive of the Bolshevik troops and the
forced evacuation of the governmental structures interrupted this process. The
political radicalization among many public organizations demonstrated the danger
of democratizing local authorities during the period of internal instability
of Ukrainian society. On return to Kyiv in March 1918, the Council of People’s
Ministers abandoned the idea to involve the revolutionary-democratic organizations
in the government work.

Keywords: General Secretariat, executive power, local administration, province,


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