Е.Е. Tverytnykova, M. V. Gutnyk, S. A. Radoguz The International Transfer of Ukrainian Technical Science Innovations in the 20th Cent.

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.49.2019.189564

National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»

The development of scientific research and the introduction of innovative
technologies is impossible without scientific cooperation between scientists from
different countries. An international scientific corporation can solve a broader
scope of scientific tasks because science has a global character in its essence.
During the XX century, the development of scientific and technical cooperation of Ukrainian scientists in the field of electrical engineering and mechanics was
somewhat irregular and had different forms of cooperation. We can state that
there were some achievements of Ukrainian scholars in the development of various
aspects of international cooperation.
The historiographical analysis illustrated that there are no special scientific
works in which the international transfer of innovations, knowledge, and technologies
of Ukrainian technical science would be a subject of separate scientific
research. Investigation of source base and scientific literature was carried out
based on the inclusion of data of general scientific and special research methods
that provided a comprehensive character.
The development of scientific research, the formation of the theoretical basis
of technical sciences is associated with the discovery of higher technical educational
institutions in Ukraine, which have become centers for the development of
applied sciences and the basis for the creation of scientific collectives. From the
first days, the foundations of international scientific and educational activities
were laid in the institutions. Based on the experience of Europe in the organization
of specialized technical schools and research work, the abroad business
trips of the professional and teaching staff became traditional. A characteristic
feature of the second half of the XX century became the intensive development
of the industry with scientific support provided by collectives of academic institutions,
higher technical schools, as well as sectoral institutions. An essential
component of scientific research was the development of various forms of international
Based on the analysis of archival materials, it has been proved that the international
cooperation of the Ukrainian technical-scientific community of the
second half of the XX century developed in the following areas: participation in
international conferences; conducting joint research based on bilateral agreements;
exchange of scholars according to internship programs; participation in
an international technical exhibitions; coordination of actual scientific problems;
exchange of scientific and technical information; technical assistance.
Keywords: technical sciences, international cooperation, scientific projects,


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