Yu. Dolzhenko Burial Ground of Cherniakhiv Culture in Cherneliv Rusky (According to Data of Ethnical Cranioscopy)

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.48.2019.176376

Institute of Archaeology of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

The study of anthropological compound of Cherniakhiv culture inhabitants
from Western Ukraine provides insights into the ethnogenetic processes on this
territory. I. Gereta examined the burial ground of Roman period in Ternopil district
of Ternopil region during 1974–2000 and had excavated almost all accessible
territory of the site. T. Rudych explored craniomentric data in the burial ground of
Cherneliv Rusky (Western Ukraine). The findings of the study by T. Rudych show
that Celtic features from Velbar culture dominated in the burial ground. Using
the data of ethnic cranioscopy the author of this article argues that the skulls in
Cherneliv Rusky burials belonged to Cherniakhiv culture since they have a moderate
frequency of the supraorbital foramens. The probed selection belongs to
Southern Caucasoids. The other four features also clearly imply Caucasoid identity
among early inhabitants Cherneliv Rusky area. The author did not perform
an intergroup comparative analysis since the remnants of Cherniakhiv culture
had never been investigated with tools of ethnic cranioscopy. Therefore, there is
no other data for comparison.

Keywords: Cherniakhiv culture, burial ground Cherneliv Rusky, ethnical cranioscopy,
anthropological compound.


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