S. Basil, V. Krizhanivsky The Collaboration Between the All-Union Research Institute of Fiber Crops and Scientists from Hungarian People’s Republic During Late 1970’s and 1980’s.

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.48.2019.176391

Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University

For the first time, the study analyzes the content, forms and directions for cooperation
in hemp gardening between the All-Union Research Institute of Fiber
Crops (AURIFC, Hlukhiv) and their Hungarian colleagues during 1970s — 1980s.
The study is based on personal accounts and AURIFC documentation on study
tours to the People’s Republic of Hungary.
Cooperation between Ukrainian and Hungarian scientists and engineers
was mutually beneficial. Since the beginning of the 1970’s, the AURIFC, led by
G.I. Senchenko, turned into an important European center for the selection of new
sorts of hemp, the development of effective technologies and establishing centers
for the development of hemp technology. In their turn, Hungarian scientists could
introduce Ukrainian colleagues to advanced, effective methods of managing agricultural
production and initial processing of hemp. Also, Hungary was the place
where Ukrainian specialists could learn about some of the international technologies
(such as sowing plant Raba-IX 10-6200-mono, soil cultivating aggregation
RaU, combine harvester 4–40), foreign selection material (“Compolti”).
As a result of such cooperation, Ukrainian colleagues helped Hungary achieve
significant progress in the field of hemp growing. For instance, after sceintific and
technical advising from O. Bondarieva, the experience of air-watering hemp was
handed over. As a result of the use of new technology, the retting was shortened
by two to three times, the output of long fibers and its quality improved. With the
assistance of G. Senchenko, V.Virovtsia, and A. Gorshkov, new varieties of hemp
(YuSO-44, YUSO-46 and YUSO-47) were created, characterized by high fiber
quality and a minimal content of cannabinoids. Also, significant progress was
made in the field of machine building: the packer KB-0,5 was improved and the
new hemp combine harvester KKU-1.9 was tested.

Keywords: All-Union Research Institute, Hungarian People’s Republic, agriculture,
hemp, cannabis, combine harvester.


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