I. Nikolaiev, S. Shkil State Oppression of the National Minority Organizations and Associations of UkrSSR in the Context of 1920s Bolshevik Reforms

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.48.2019.176382

Mykolaiv V. O. Sukhomlynsky National University

National University of Bioresources and Natural Resources of Ukraine

The article analyzes key factors of Bolshevik monopoly in the sphere of national
associations on the basis of a wide range of archival sources. A deep analysis
of the past will help construct a political system, which prevents undemocratic
regimes, oppression, and supports the free development of national minorities.
The article highlights the role of state power and punitive structures in the
establishment of the party members’ control over the public sphere. As a result,
the functioning of national minority organizations was determined solely by
the licensing procedure for their creation and activities. Attention is focused on
subordination of national minority organizations to the Bolshevik party, which
strengthened their influence on the society and controled yet harder some of
its own members.
Bolsheviks, who declared freedom and social choice as a prerequisite
for the development of nationalities in the multinational republics and particularly
Ukraine, in practice established the system of restrictions and
It is proved that the state ideological control led to a crisis of the national
social movement, its nationalization. Almost all organizations in the late 1920s
started implementing tasks from the Communist party, engaging in historical
and revolutionary, military-Patriotic, ideological work, justifying in the eyes
of society all the negative actions and decisions of the government. This has
resulted in the suppression of the internal interests and prospects of community
organizations of national minorities. Thus, the policy of their de facto nationalization
led to the loss of their non-governmental character.

Keywords: national organization, public associations, totalitarian system, the
Bolsheviks, Soviet legislation.


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