S. Kostyleva «Bulletin of the Book Chamber» as a Means of Scientific Communication in the Field of Mass Media Studies

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.47.0.158277

The article deals with the source study analysis, the content of the main publications
(2014–2018) «Bulletin of the Book Chamber» — journal in the field of
technical, historical sciences, social communication (book science, library science,
bibliography). The publications of the magazine devoted to the history and
modern state of domestic periodicals are analyzed. The typology of the publication
is specified as a synthetic (scientific-theoretical, scientific-practical, methodical).
The author’s composition of the magazine composed of representatives of
the scientific community of various institutions and different regions of Ukraine,
as well as the reader’s audience of the publication, is determined. The conclusion
about the considerable information potential of the journal is substantiated, the
significance of the journal as a means of scientific communication in the field of
mass media studies has been proved.

Keywords: printed mass media, «Bulletin of the Book Chamber», the history
of the mass media, historical source study


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