Sh. Ramazanov Kyiv Strategic Offensive Operation

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.46.2018.136741

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

The article considers one of the most important military operations — Kyiv
strategic offensive operation, which laid the foundation for the liberation of Ukraine
from German troops during the Second World War.
The author notes that the liberation of Kyiv is not limited only to the Kyiv offensive
operation. In fact, there were several such operations. The liberation of
Kyiv is unique operation in the military history.
The liberation of Kyiv consisted of several strategic and offensive operations
that took place in several stages. These were fighting at the Bukrinsky bridgehead,
forcing the Dnipro river, several attempts to break through the enemy fortifications
and finally the liberation of Kyiv.
The German Command paid a lot of attention to Dnipro river line. The Supreme
Main Command of the Soviet Armed Forces knew about it and emphasized on the
need to seize the right bank of the bridgeheads, which would allow to deploying
troops for an offensive on right-bank Ukraine.
It should be emphasized that despite numerous scientific publications and memoirs
on this subject there is no common approach in historiography to the interpretation
of the main stages of the struggle for the liberation of Kyiv during Second
World War. Therefore, the fighting during September and October 1943, which
initiated the liberation of right-bank Ukraine from the German invaders, remains
The author reached a conclusion that according to its military-political and strategic
planning, the Kyiv offensive operation is unique in world military history.

Keywords: Kyiv strategic offensive operation, World War II, right-bank


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