S. Trubchaninov Scientific and Pedagogical Activity of Vasyl Danylevych in the Field of Historical Geography

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.46.2018.136728

The Ivan Ohiyenko Kamianets-Podilskyi National University

Vasyl Danylevych (1872–1936) was one of the well-known and bright students
worked with the founder of the Kyiv historical school Volodymyr
Antonovych. Little-known to the public, his scientific and pedagogical biography
was the topic for many Ukrainian researchers in the late XX — early XXI
century. In particular, they studied his activities in the field of archeology, history
of Kyivan Rus and Slobozhanshchyna, numismatics, ethnography and regional
studies. However, his activity in the field of historical geography has never
been the subject of a special research. Both his pedagogical activity and historical-
geographical studies are analyzed in this article. Based on the various
documents, mainly from his personal archival fund at the Institute of Manuscripts
of Volodymyr Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, we investigated his development
as a teacher and a historian. In particular, the historical and geographical
components of his only published monograph, written in student years,
«Essay on the history of the Polotsk land to the end of the fourteenth century»
(1894–1896) was analyzed. The article described the work of Vasyl Danylevych
as a teacher at the Kharkiv and Kyiv universities, the Kyiv High School Women’s
Courses, the University of Warsaw (during its evacuation period in Rostov-on-
Don), and the Institute of Red Professors. The author described the various plans
and programs on the historical geography educational disciplines (1903–1936)
compiled by Vasyl Danylevych. For example, the history of ancient Russian lands,
the historical geography of Russia, the world-historical geography, the historical
geography of the USSR etc. He studied the notes, lecture abstracts, drafts,
bibliographic lists and extracts from books on historical geography done by Vasyl
Danylevych. The author clarified the range of interests of the historian in
the field of historical geography. In the article, the author analyzed little-known
and unpublished scientific works of Vasyl Danylevych on the problems of historical

Keywords: Vasyl Danylevych, historical geography, educational course,
Kharkiv University, St. Volodymyr’s University, Kyiv High School Women’s Studies,
Warsaw University, Institute of Red Professors.


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