Iu. Khytrovska Preparation of the Polish National Liberation Rebellion of 1863–1864 in the Kingdom of Poland and Its Peculiarities in Right-Bank Ukraine

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.46.2018.136725

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

The author of the scientific article deeply analyses planning the Polish National
Liberation Rebellion of 1863–1864 against the Russian Ruling in the Kingdom
of Poland and its peculiarities in Right-Bank Ukraine. It is based on the research
of scientific literature, archives and documents.
After studying archives and documents, the author asserts that after repressions
by the Tsarism, during the nineteenth century Polish patriots fought against
the Russian autocracy, including in the territory of Right-Bank Ukraine, where
the Polish influence prevailed.
The author draws attention to the fact that in the early 1960s the Poles tried
to restore the former ideological influence on political and social life of Right-
Bank Ukraine by means of Latinization of lower education and establishment of
Polish charity societies to promote the idea of the rebirth of Great Poland in this
territory and to keep the Ukrainians within the Polish influence area after liberation
of serfs in 1861. These experiments in the field of education proved to be unsuccessful, however, despite the fact that Polish society was prone to the explosion
of a new national liberation uprising against Russia. Polish patriots
planned new rebellion against the Russian Empire, which broke out in 1863.
The Polish rebellion of 1863–1864 defeated, but the Poles continued fighting
against the Russian autocracy for the revival of the Polish State, which was reestablished
in 1918 and named the Polish Republic or the Second Rzeczpospolita. Polish
patriots resumed the international liberal democratic movement, along with
the Masonry organization.

Keywords: Polish rebellion of 1863–1864 years, the Right-bank of Ukraine,
Russian power, religion and patriotic manifestations.


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