B. P. Kovalskyi Main Directions of Cooperation Between Ukraine and United States of America (1991–2017)

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.46.2018.136749

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

In current world considering own progressive development each nation and
state takes care about international affairs. Bilateral agreements between states
and collective multi-national associations in 21st century became a daily attribute
of modern civilization.
Leaving the USSR treatment in 1991, Ukraine on its own sovereign way to democratic
future had to solve set of issues with both of aspects.
Most important task was to establish relationship with the USA, that recognized
independence of Ukraine on 25th of December 1991 and established diplomatic
relationships on 3rd of January 1992. Next May official visit of Ukrainian
president Leonid Kravchuk to the USA has happened. Political declaration of Memorandum of understanding were signed off between US and Ukrainian governments.
In particular, for the first time, the norm of «democratic partnership» of
the two countries was fixed.
Next important step of the whole process was visit in November 2014 of the new
president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma to the US. Negotiations of the top officials
were finished with signature of the charter of American-Ukrainian partnership, friendship
and cooperation, that mention both parties are willing development closer bilateral
affairs of wide spectrum. For this purpose, they have an intention to boost
up contacts in all related domains and specially in politics, defense, economics,
culture and environmental protection. Both states declared intention to encourage
and facilitate new relationships between people and companies.
Defining target of this article author highlights attention at main principles,
forms, methods and participants of relationships between the Ukraine and the USA.
Two main subjects of relationships are:
– People of both countries
– State institutions of Ukraine and the USA
No doubt, the main components of “cooperation” with Americans are, same
to 100 years ago, migration of Ukrainians to the USA, mutual activity in cultural,
science, sport, trading etc domains.
Second of the main strategic cooperation components between Ukraine and
the USA are interstate relationships. The first factor of its level and effectiveness
were relationships between presidents and governments of both states. Quarter
of a century shows their efficiency and effectiveness and to some extend impulsiveness.
Some staggering from author’s point of view could be traced in relationship
between Ukraine and the USA. It was hardly dependent of Presidents, their
ambitions and external policies and real internal conditions in each of states.
Starting from May 1992 when Leonid Kravchuk met in person with George
Bush and Bill Clinton, and visit of Bill Clinton on January 1994 with personal meeting
of Leonid Kravchuk, systematic practice of personal meeting between Presidents
of two states was established.
Certain conclusions. According to authors’ opinion, during Ukrainian modern
independence system of relationship between Ukrainian and American both
people and institutions was established. Certain basement, forms, methods and
methodology were purified. Priorities in cooperation scheme were defined: the
USA is partner №1 for Ukraine. For the USA Ukraine is partner from “bottom
of the list”. Hence, to increase own status (at least to Germany, France or Canada
level) in cooperation with the USA, Ukraine needs very smart head, hard working
hands and respect of our citizen from Constitution.

Key words: Ukraine, USA, history of diplomacy, international relations.


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