I. Mikulionok, I. Andreiev History of the Kyiv Funicular Creation

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.45.2017.117739

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

The article deals with history of the Kyiv funicular, one of the first in Russian
Empire of the early 20th Cent.
Preconditions for emergeance of this transport are shown. The project of the
Kyiv funicular and its technical characteristics are discussed in details. The role
of engineers Artur Abrahamson, Mykola Piatnytskyi and Olexandr Baryshnykov
in the project conception is analyzed. Certain discord among various sources concerning
authorship of the project, in particular concerning the engineer Olexandr
Baryshnykov, is critically considered.
The changes of Kiev funicular throughout its more than century long history,
particularly related to its reconstruction, are shown. The article includes illustrations
of project components, as well as author’s contemporary photographs.The purpose of this article is to trace the origin of one of the most well-known
historical, technical and architectural sights in the capital of Ukraine, namely the
Kyiv funicular.

Keywords: Kyiv, rail transport, funicular, project, Artur Abrahamson, Mykola
Piatnytskyi, Olexandr Baryshnykov.


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