V. Medvid International Technical Assistance as the One of the Ways of International Cooperation of Ukraine (1992–2014): Historiography

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.44.2017.105465

Institute of History of Ukraine National Academy of Ukraine

The article deals with the concept of «international technical assistance» and
its implementation in Ukraine, the main directions of international cooperation,
and the impact of the ITA on the socio-political processes. Also, this article overviews
the historiography and records devoted the topic of the ITA as the one of the ways
of international cooperation of Ukraine (1992–2014). The author investigates the
legislative framework of the donor assistance, the main regulatory legal acts on
the usage of material, technical and financial support from donor countries; and
identifies the main problems related to the legislative settlement of this issue. The
author explores the works of Leonid Kistersskyi, Tetyana Lypova, Victoria
Adamyk, Olena Paliuh, Kostyantyn Ploskyi, Larysa Mahdiuk ets devoted to the
topic. The article comprehensively describes the conceptual apparatus relating
to the involvement of international aid, described the essence of the concept of
the technical assistance, the peculiarities of legal regulation, analyzes the activities
of ITA and its impact on social and democratic reforms in Ukraine.

Keywords: international technical assistance, financial support, donor, beneficiary,
recipient, society, state, historiography.


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