V. Kakhnovich, N. Kakhnovich «Vel’mi ž Mnie Nadajela Vajna za 4 Gady…» («It Bothered Me a War for 4 Years… »): the Question of the Educational Component in the Lessons of History

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.44.2017.105461

Belarusian State University, Minsk

The article explores the modern Belarusian historiography on the Second World
War. We stressed on the importance of the collection and publication of memoirs
and the study of the family memory. The family memories on the war of the current
students is the subject of this article. We collected and analysed 51 messages
in 2011. The main task is to explore traumatic Soviet experience in these memories.
The main conclusion of all 51 message with the war experience certainly shows
the values of peace. Unfortunately, nowadays Russia developes the cult of violence
and the war, which made Ukraine a victim of the Russian aggression from 2014.
It resulted from the ideas of «Russian Doctrine» (2008) with the cult of the Russian
superiority, shared by the current Russian elites. However, personal experience
teaches us to honour the peace as the highest value.
Keywords: Belarus, the Second World War, oral history, memoirs, historical education, students.


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