L. Volkotrub The Publisher and Public Figure Yakiv Orenshtayn

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.44.2017.105457

National Technical University of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»

The article is devoted to the publisher Yakov Orenstein, who was founder and
owner of «Halyts’ka nakladnya» in Kolomyya and «Ukrayins’ka nakladnya» in
Berlin in the early 20th century. The Orenshtayn’s publishing policy was analyzed.
The first book of «Halyts’ka nakladnya» was «Nacherky istoriyi ukrayins’koyi literatury
» by Bohdan Lepkyy. Works of the Ukrainian and world classical literature,
atlases and musical notes, children books were published. The publisher lent
books to those who could not buy them. During thirteen years, the publishing house
«Halyts’ka nakladnya» published more than 150 issues of the series «Zahal’na
biblioteka». Besides Orenstein’s book production, we analyzed postcards with the
Ukrainian motives. We investigated that during World War I Yakov Orenstein had
to close his publishing house and got involved in social and political work. In 1919
he moved to Berlin, established the printing house «Ukrayins’ka nakladnya», and
published the Ukrainian classics and modern writers`s books, illustrated children
and youth publications, school textbooks, etc. Orenstein continued the book series
of «Zahal’na biblioteka». Also, he published the joint catalog of «Halyts’ka»
and «Ukrayins’ka nakladnya» 1903–1919, which listed more than 350 publications.
Since the early 30’s, Yakov Orenstein was persecuted because of his Jewish
origins, so he curtailed his publishing activity in Berlin and moved to Warsaw.
As a result, the great number of artistic, scientific, historical, educational,
children, music books were published. Yakov Orenstein via his work put his efforts to get illiterate farmers and intelligentsia closer to the world and Ukrainian
culture. He was a great promoter of the Ukrainian books.
Keywords: history, publishing house «Halyts’ka nakladnya», «Ukrayins’ka nakladnya», Yakov Orenstein, publications, publishing activity.


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