А. Lykholat The History of Formation and Development of the Knowledge on the Case Study of Technological Interchange

DOI: 10.20535/2307-5244.44.2017.105464

National Technical University of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»

The article deals with the analysis and systematization of knowledges in the
sphere of international science and technological exchange as well as with the
explaining its knowledges and functions as an essential requirements for the innovative development of Ukraine during its integration into the global and the European
scientific space.
The main point of the international science and technological cooperation considering
current trends of the global economy expansion allows to see it wider than
the usual process of integration because the international scientific and technological
cooperation gives the synergetic effect obtained by combining such factors
as foreign investments, innovative technology, integrateability and access to
the global technology market by the international transfer.
Keywords: integration, science and technological sphere, clusters, basic researches, industrial estate.


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