D. Kravchenko The Denikin’s Occupational Policy in Ukraine (1919–1920)

In this article the historiographical study of Denikin’s regime was conducted.
We clarified the basic principles of domestic policy of Denikin’s and investigated
Denikin’s approach to the state building, as well as to the socio-economic,
cultural and national politics. We also defined the features and consequences
of Denikin’s occupation in Ukraine. It is emphasized that Anton Denikin considered
Ukraine as an important component of Russia’s great power. However, the
federal system rejected the principle of national unity. Denikin proposed a national
autonomy to replace the regional self-government. “White regime” promised
to establish «law and order» in contrast to the lawlessness and arbitrariness of
Bolshevism. White movement failed to bring an order to the territory of Ukraine,
which had a revolutionary-democratic experience of previous years, because of
their anti-Ukrainian essence and a small number. Denikinites ignored the
growth of national consciousness of Ukrainian people. This led to miscalculations
in their cultural and national politics. The population of Ukraine rose to the fight
against Denikin under social and national slogans.
Keywords: Denikin’s occupation regime, Аnton Denikin, socio-economic policy,
agrarian reform, kirstivschyna, national and cultural policy.


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