A. Sokyrko The Emergence and Work of the Red Ukraine Artists Association (1923–1932)

The article analyses the emergence and work of the Red Ukraine Artists Association
(RUAA) which was one of the Ukrainian artistic societies during the 1920 s.
The period between World War I and World War II is characterized by the cultural
development in the Ukrainian Soviet Social Republic indorsed by the relatively
liberal Bolshevik party.
There were a lot of art organizations appeared in the 1920 s, and the RUAA
was among them. The Association was founded in 1923. It presented its works on
the local and Republican exhibitions, and had its own private media. The famous
soviet artists such as Anatol Petrytsky, Fedir Krychevsky, Ivan Yizhakevych, Mykhailo
Kozyk, Hryhoriy Svitlytsky, and others were the members of the Association.
Though by the end of 1920 s many artists abandoned the Association because of
the inner quarrelling. Transformed to the Ukrainian Association of Proletarian
Artists it existed up to 1932. When the unification of the artistic life was officially
proclaimed in 1932, the Association dissolved.

Keywords: culture, visual arts, Soviet art, art associations.


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