Sh. Ramazanov Uman Defensive Operation (July — August 1941)

National Technical University of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»

The article deals with one of the many defensive operations on the territory
of Ukraine during WWII, which was conducted by the German army against the
Soviet troops. The author analyzes the preparations of the German command for the invasion of Ukraine. The article gives information on the quantity and quality of military
equipment the Soviet army on the eve of the war. Since the beginning of hostilities between Germany and the USSR, the German army was active on the territory of Ukraine. Because of the onset of the German Army, Soviet troops suffered heavy losses.
The author considers the encirclement and destruction of Soviet forces in Ukraine
as the main task of the German army at the beginning of August 1941. Because
of the active offensive of the German army, the Soviet troops were surrounded and
suffered heavy losses. But the resistance of the Red Army thwarted the German
plaof the lightning war on the territory of Ukraine.

Keywords: Uman defensive operation, Southern and Southwestern fronts, the initial period of the Soviet-German war.


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