O. Soboleva Interpretation of «Field» Researches in the Professional Work of Ukrainian Zoologists

Rylsky Institute of Art Studies, Folklore and Ethnology NAS of Ukraine

This article is based on anthropological methodology and examines the problem
of how Ukrainian zoologists understand their work in their field sites during
investigative expeditions. Ethnographic examination of biologists community and
its research environment provides an opportunity to look at the problem of scientific
practices in nature from new perspective. In zoologist’s scientific practices
natural environment is the main place where data is concentrated. For this reasons
work in the field is so important for this discipline. Professional zoologists
have not only find material in the field, but to be able interpret it correctly. Consequently
to become a real professional it takes a long time for scientist to get experience
and practical skills. The field is the place where professionalization of
scientists takes place. During the work in nature circulate «tacit» knowledge from
teacher to students. Work in field is very important for the shaping scientific identity
and formulation of ideal form of representations of the professional group. Appealing
to the problem of identity shows that despite of the all material and technical
difficulties, Ukrainian scientists imagine their work as a vocation. The very
idea of the purpose of their work, as the supreme value, allows scientists to continue
their work and achieve results.

Keywords: anthropology of science, zoology, research practices, professional identity.


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