O. Kropyvko Participation of Collective and State Farms in the Training of Specialists as an Attempt to Overcome the Staff Shortage in Agriculture (the 1960–1970th)

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

The article reviewed participation of collective and state farms in the formation
of personnel resource in agricultural production. The financial aspect of implementation
the state plan of staffing in agriculture is analyzed. It is revealed that
in the 1960th these processes took place in conditions of administrative pressure;
extramural form of study (on the job training) became the dominating form of specialists’
training at the expense of collective and state farms, and the overwhelming
number of scholars upon termination of training became specialists of average
qualification. It is accented on negative manifestations of forced involvement
of collective and state farms to the solution of a personnel problem. It is specified
that training of specialists of agriculture in the collective-farm and state-farm
account at the same time had to suspend the growing migration of rural youth to
the cities. The reasons of «brain drain» in agricultural industry are analyzed. By
virtue of statistical and contemporary records it is revealed that in case of increase
in the 1970th. the number of rural youth which got an education at the expense
of farms didn’t manage to overcome staff shortage in agricultural industry.

Keywords: staff shortage, agricultural industry, collective and state farms, higher
education institutions, technical schools, college of agricultural mechanization,
extramural form of study.


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