A. Makhinko Dynastical Connections of Gediminids in the 14–15th Centuries: Historical and Genealogical Overview

National Technical University of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»

The article investigates family and marital relations of Lithuanian princes in
the 14–56th centuries, as well as overviews the famous branches of the dynasty.
Typically, origins of medieval dynasties were controversial, since the historical
sources did not allow to settle the reliable provenance of the dynasty. The same
could be stated for their ethnic origin. Dynastical policy implemented by the Gedi –
minids princes was typical for the sovereign dynasties at that time. However, it
had its own special characteristics. At the beginning of the expansion to the South-
Western lands of Rus’ dynastic marriages with representatives of the local Rurik
dynasty were often used to make the expansion eligible. In the sovereign state, mari –
tal plans of the Lithuanian rulers were a tool of their foreign policy. Rulers paid
a special attention to the North-Eastern region and their Western neighbors, which
was important for the inner policy.

Keywords: the house, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Gediminids, appanage princes.


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