L. Ignatova Stolypin Agrarian Reform in Ukraine in the Last Decade Studies

The article discusses the features of the Stolypin agrarian reform in the Ukrainian
lands belonged to the Russian Empire in the early 20th century. Based on the
research conducted by historians in the past decade, it states that interest in this
problem has not decreased. Different aspects of the reform and its local peculiarities
were considered by some prominent historians. Ukrainian researchers noted
the difference in the land ownership of peasants not only in different
provinces, but also within the same provinces. Lack of government funding was
crucial for the reform, as well as agronomic measures were an important tool to
increase the agricultural productivity. The author draws the special attention to
the resettlement of the Ukrainian peasants in the east of the Russian Empire.

Keywords: agrarian reform, peasant land ownership, private ownership of land,
farms and cuts.


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