V. Ilyin The Recovery of Helthcare in Kharkiv (1943–1947)

Kharkiv National Medical University

The article considers ways and analyzes dynamics of the recovery process of
the Kharkiv healthcare. The author found that namely during the considered period
a long-term problem of uneven zoning of the Kharkiv medical network emerged.
It happened because of a placement of medical facilities in adapted buildings and
casual places and due to the fixation of such irrational and awkward condition
by a rapid growth of the urban population. On the base of specific examples the
author shows general features of the post-war recovery in Soviet Ukraine such
as mass and mobilizing character of measures for the city reconstruction; attempt
of authorities not only use and encourage a voluntary work of city residents in a rebuilding health facilities, but also make it mandatory; free initiative of the Kharkiv
residents in a reconstruction of medical institutions.

Keywords: Soviet Kharkiv, healthcare, post-war recovery, days of volunteer work,
patronage over the wounded, sanitary cleaning.


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