T. Orlova The Reflection of Ideas by American Social Scientists in the Reality and Prospects of Contemporary Ukraine

Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University

To define the paths of Ukraine’s further progress, it looks reasonable to account
the conclusions of American scholars on the general tendencies in the development
of the world and its specific parts. For the first time in Ukrainian historiography,
Ukrainian reality and prospects are analyzed through the prism of
conclusions by renowned American scholars, namely: R.Collins’s concept of the
collapse of the USSR; Zb. Brzhezinski’s view on the role of independent Ukraine
at the European continent and its meaning to the imperial intentions of Russia;
S.Huntigton’s theory of the «clash of civilizations”; A.Toffler’s thoughts on the Great
Waves and the future shock; the characteristics of the post-industrial society by
D.Bell and other analysts. The humanity entering the era of post-industrialism is
the second crucial and unique chance in the newest history for Ukraine, after its
independence, to succeed in building the national economy and of its entire society
in consistency with modern demands.

Keywords: civilization, Great Waves, future shock, post-industrial society, modernization.


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