T. Hryshchenko Agricultural Scientific Committee of Ukraine (1918–1927) — Coordination Center of Domestic Experimental Work

National scientific agricultural library of National academy of agrarian sciences of Ukraine

A comprehensive historical study of the development of the domestic agricultural
experimental work in the 20th of the last century through the prism of activities
the leading coordination center — Agricultural Scientific Committee of
Ukraine, in particular the Commission’s agricultural experimental work is done.
The preconditions of its appearance are disclosed. It is noted on the state regulation
of the agricultural experimental work in Ukraine. The author’s attention
was focused on the cooperation of this Commission and the All-Ukrainian Bureau
of Experimental Agricultural Deed. The basic aspects and the results of operations
of the Agricultural Scientific Committee of Ukraine for the needs of the domestic
agricultural science and experimental work are investigated.

Keywords: the Agricultural scientific committee of Ukraine, Commission of
an agricultural experience business, Folk commissariat of the landed matters of Ukrainian
SSR, Allukrainian bureau of an experience agricultural business, agrarian
science, agricultural experience business.


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