M. Dovbyshchenko From History of Ukrainian Advocacy: Ways and Methods of Conflicts Dissolving in Volyn and Kyiv Region (Late 16th — Early 17th Ct.)

In the article the problem of conflicts dissolving by the advocates of Volyn and
Kyiv region in late 16th — early 17th ct. is investigated. A question about the features
of advocacy functioning during a mentioned historical period is reflected.
The role of «institute of friends» in everyday life of the Ukrainian gentry and its
influence on Ukrainian advocacy becoming in 16th ct. is underlined. Author analysed
the ways of judicial contradictions and conflict situations dissolving. In their number,
functioning of friendly courts, influence of friends are mentioned on motion
of trial as «representatives of public», and others like that. The special attention
was spared to entering into world contracts, as the most effective method of conflict
situations and judicial contradictions arranging. It is underlined, that exactly
due to these agreements considerable part of cases had an acceptable finale
for both parties of conflict.

Keywords: advocacy, conflict, Volyn, Kyiv region, Lithuanian-Polish epoch.


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