L. Volkotrub The History of Cartographic Sources Development

National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»

Cartographic sources are the variety of descriptive sources. They include historical
and geographical maps and circuits maps. The image maps are a special
kind of modeling the real phenomenon, that broadcasts their quantitative and qualitative
characteristics, structure, interconnections and dynamic in a graphic form.
The prototypes of maps appeared as a way of transmitting information around the world. People began to use this way of communication long before the appearance
of writing. The quality of mapping images matched with the evolution of techniques
and methods of mapping and publishing.
The general development of cartographic sources is determined primarily by
three factors: the development of science and technology, the needs of society in
different cartographic works, political and economic situation of country. Given
this, map is an all-sufficient phenomenon, its sources expert study is based on understanding of invariance of its perception. Modern theoretical concepts show us
the invariance of maps. Specifially, map is viewed in the following aspects: 1) it
is one of the universal models of land and existing natural and social processes.
2) it is one of the tools of researching and forecasting. 3) it is a specific language
formation. 4) it is a method of transferring information. As a source map may contain
important information about physical geography, geology, hydrology, political-
administrative division, population, flora and fauna of a particular area in
a particular period. Mostly, cartographic sources are complex, because they contain
a lot of cognitive and historical information.

Keywords: cartographic sources, history, publication, historical information,


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