L. Ihnatova Stolypin’s Agrarian Reform in Kyiv Province: Antecedents and Consequences for Peasant Land Tenure

National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»

The article considers the state of the Ukrainian peasantry tenure in the province
of Kyiv. After the reforms of the Russian government in 1861. The majority of the
peasants received small plots of land. The reform was carried out with the intention
to preserve the estates of the landlords. Attention is drawn to the fact that in
the early twentieth century, the plight of the peasants led to their active participation
in the revolutionary events of 1905.
Analyzes the attempts of the government and landowners to solve the peasant
question of handing over land to rent. But this approach to the Kiev province
was ineffective.
Therefore, the Russian government is trying to address this issue at the legislative
level. November 9, 1906 a law was passed that abolished the peasant community
and allowed it to strengthen private property.
But in the province of Kyiv, these actions of the Russian government have been
ineffective. Land hunger of the peasants remained a major problem, because the
allocation of the farm required a certain amount of land. Therefore, most of the
peasants were forced to sell their land and migrate.

Keywords: Stolypin agrarian reform, Kyiv province, peasant land tenure, landlords’


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