А. І. Makhinko To The Historical Portrait of Theophan Prokopovych

National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»

The article highlights the stages of life Theophan Prokopovych, an outstanding
theologian, philosopher, teacher and writer. Its artistic heritage became the property
of the Russian and Ukrainian cultures. Theophan Prokopovych life is divided
into two periods, which differ from each other by the nature of its activities. In
the first period (1687–1715 years) he studies and then engaged in research and
teaching activities in the Kiev Academy. In the second period (1715–1736 years)
it is at the request of Peter I moved to St. Petersburg, where he became the archbishop
and is engaged in administrative and social activities / During this time he
wrote a treatise «Spiritual regulations» and «The Truth will monarch», which became
the conceptual basics of church reform and the reform of succession to the
throne. As a result of the reform of the Church patriarchate was abolished and the
church became subordinated to the state. This similarity can be traced with some
Protestant countries of Europe, where the head of state led the church. «The truth
will monarch» to overturn the traditional order of succession to the throne in the
male downlink and gave the right to appoint a monarch testament heir. In these
treatises have been realized his philosophical views on the state and its institutions.

Keywords: Theophan Prokopovych, Peter’s reforms, orthodoxy reform, enlightened
absolutism, Russian empire.


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