V. Tkachuk The Rite of Antimensions Consecration in Kyiv Metropole (Half of 17 th — Early 18th Ct.)

Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University

In this article we analyse and compare the rite of consecration in the Orthodox and Uniate Kyiv Metropole of the second half of the XVII — early XVIII centuries. This work is based on printed and handwritten liturgical sources and, in particular, on antimension. In this paper we show: 1) the problem of Archieratikon’s presence and their survival today; 2) reflect differences in, at least, the three areas of rite: printed and handwritten Orthodox and Uniate, which together show differences and similarities; 3) compare the relics investments in the antimension according to the Archieratikon.

Keywords: Kyiv Metropole (half of 17 th — early 18 th ct.), antimension, Archieratikon, the rite of consecration.


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