V. Popov Features of Social Identification in the Conditions of Political Uncertainty during the Civil War in Ukraine

Interregional Academy of Personnel Management

The article describes the causes and forms of expression of the phenomenon of forced withholding of their true social status by urban inhabitantі in 1917–1920, gives the facts of masking via clothes and using other techniques. The dependence of the behavior of others in relation to specific individuals based on their appearance is traced. The processes in the social structure of the population, associated with an increase in the status of the formerly oppressed sections of the population, and the mass change of the scope of the former privileged citizens are analyzed. The displays of loss of former lifestyle under the influence of external circumstances are characterized. The content of the concept of temporary social identity is expanded and its features are defined for the separate stages the Civil War. The temporality of this phenomenon is proved by examples of many citizens returning to their former social position after the changes in external circumstances. Attention is paid to the rise of inefficiency of the administrative apparatus and its direct connection with the political mimicry of pre-revolutionary bureaucracy.

Keywords: the National Democratic Revolution and the Civil War of 1917–1920 in Ukraine; the social structure of the urban population; social status; class warfare; temporary social identification.


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