Sh. Ramazanov Kiev Defense: the 75th Anniversary of The Tragic Events (July — September 1941)

National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»

The causes of the greatest catastrophe of the Soviet Army in the battles in the Ukraine during World War II are discussed in this article. Kiev defensive operation was the greatest tragedy for the troops of the South-Western Front. The author examines the events that have been created by the Soviet command for the protection of Kiev from German troops. Analyzes the preparations for the defense of Kiev Soviet command and the command of the German development plan of Kiev boiler. The conclusion is that met with resistance on the way to Kiev, the German military leadership decided to redeploy some troops from Moscow direction. Thus, the defense of Kiev thwart the plans of the German blitzkrieg on Moscow.

Keywords: Kiev defensive operation, Kiev fortified area, South-Western Front, Kiev cauldron.


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