O. Babicheva Business Activities of South Ukraine During the Economic Crisis of 1900–1903 Years

Dniprodzerzhynsk State Technical University

The present article shows the activities of entrepreneurs in Southern Ukraine during the global economic crisis of 1900–1903 years. They greatly affected the socio-economic life of the country. After the economic crisis of heavy industry spread throughout the region and contributed to the emergence of a number of negative factors such as lack of resources, decline and stagnation in metallurgy, machine in order to get help, especially economic. It is proved that the government of the Russian Empire played the role of defender, protector of interests of the most influential entrepreneurs steel. They assisted individual industrialists, which was to provide government contracts, cash flows in the steel industry, provide favorable loans and subsidies for obtaining favorable terms. But such a condescending attitude the Russian Empire carried out solely to establish control in the steel industry, regulate the activities of entrepreneurs. Undoubtedly, during the crisis significantly decreased profit breeders, so the latter tried most of the losses on to the workers. At steel mills reduced production volumes, which led to the closure of factories, increasing the intensity of labor, lower wages, worse off workers, mass unemployment.

Keywords: plant, public order, economic crisis, financial situation, entrepreneurs, industry.


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