M. Stepanova About the Modern Historiography of the Pre-Revolutionary Period of Kiev Polytechnic Institute

National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»

In this paper the problem of coverage of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute in prerevolutionary period in the recent period historiography. The problem of the origin and highlight the main achievements of the technical staff of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute in pre-revolutionary period shown on the basis of documentary and sources, works of a general nature. It is noted that in the recent period, new topics related to the initial period of the university. In these publications indicate veloped and implemented technical professions to implement the latest developments unknown at the time fields of science. 1991–2015 is a significant revival of interest in the history Kyiv Politechnical Institute in 1898–1917. This is reflected in the increasing number of scientific papers, including master’s and doctoral dissertations on subjects of this kind, so devoted to the problems of conducting scientific conferences, publication of special scientific collections. This is largely explained by the change in historical research priorities when much more attention than in the previous period were paid ideological processes, the study of cultural background, man. The elimination of ideological and political constraints contributed to a wide range of views on issues of university history, contributed to «nationalization of history» — the fragmentation ever joint historical — cultural space. Among the signs of the times — the revival of journalism familiar to us from the late nineteenth — early twentieth century the conservative image of the university KPI. Some publicistic, which now can be found in the writings in general does not define the characteristics of the period. Innovations time also cause problems setting features a «national model» university that requires a deeper study of the relationship between the university and society. Accordingly, researchers have begun more attention to internal factors of the КPI, although today it is not enough.

Keywords: Kiev Polytechnic Institute, prominent figures of science and technology, professors and teaching staff, students, historiography.


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