A. Makhinko About the History of Junker Schools in Ukraine

National Technical University of Ukraine «Kyiv Polytechnic Institute»

History of yunkers schools activity in Ukraine (19 — early 20th ct.) is discussed in our article. Yunkers schools were founded in the course of military reform of the 1860–1870th. The aim of military education system reforming was an increase of professionalism into the officer shots. Especially it concerned younger officers. Before reform there was a practice of production in officers of volunteers and corporals on a length of service. From the beginning of functioning the yunkers schools this practice was stopped. Along with yunkers schools in an education system military colleges functioned. The difference between these educational institutions was that military colleges directly carried out release of officers, and graduates of the yunkers schools received an officer rank in military unit. Despite it, the most of army officers got vocational education in the yunkers schools. Besides these educational institutions were all-class that gave the chance to access to an officer rank of not nobility. By the beginning of 20th ct. yunkers schools were reorganized into military colleges having kept all-class character. Historical experience of these military educational institutions is actual and in the present.

Keywords: military, military school, junker, efficient and qualified officers.


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