O. Udod, M. Yuriy Modernisation and the Becoming of Ukrainian Nation.

Висвітлюється вплив модернізаційних чинників ХІХ ст. на формування української нації, розглядається проблема «Іншого» як необхідна умова націотворення.
Ключові слова: модернізація, етнос, нація, ідентичність, спільнота

Тhe article examines the impact of the modernization factors in the 19th century on the formation of Ukrainian nation. It also examines the problem of the «Other» as a necessary condition for nation-building processes. It is possible to assume, that at the beginning of the 20th cent. Polish-Ukrainian conflict, caused by a fight between two national elite groups, grew into confrontation between the two nations. Radicalization of Ukrainian and Polish national movements unavoidably raised a question: who will own Eastern Galicia? It motivated Ukrainians to become stronger ideologically and organizationally, enforce resistance towards Polish encroachment. Before World War I Ukrainians in Galicia developed wide public political and cultural activities, they also built association aimed at establishing independent political life. This association was far more developed com-pared to the one created by Ukrainians in Russian Empire. Ukrainian people, due to modernization processes, in opposition with power of the Russian and Austria-Hungary empires as with «Other», created at the beginning of 20th cent. An «imaginary association» to be recognized later as Ukrainian nation.
Keywords: modernization, ethnos, nation, identity, community.


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