O. Pylypenko Ukraine and Persia: the Participation of Ukrainian Lands in Foreign Economics Relationships Between Russian Empire and Orient Countries in Early 20th сt

У статті розглядається малодосліджений аспект української історії — торговельні відносини між українськими землями Російської імперії та Пер-сією на початку ХХ ст. Зокрема, досліджується стан експорту українського цукру.
Ключові  слова: Україна, Персія, Російська імперія початку ХХ ст., цукор, торгівля.

In scientific article author research problem of history economics relation-ships between Ukraine and Persian country in Russian empire period. Main attention is paid to an analyze of sugar export to this country. External economic relations of Ukrainian lands in the Russian empire with Persia the day before and in the years of First World war remain a scantily explored theme. There is only separate information about foreign trade of the Russian empire and Persia. Official statistics of those years divided all outbound of commodities into two categories: export to the European countries and to Asia. Sugar was taken out mainly through the Baku custom. With beginning of the First World war prices in Persia began incredibly to grow. A rich buyer and agiotage demand appeared. It created subsoil for speculations. Businessmen bought up sugar directly on sugar-houses.
Keywords: Ukraine, Persia, Russian empire in early 20s ct., sugar, trading.


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