O. Poberezhnyk The View оf Kyiv in the Life and the Works of Andrey Muraviev

Статтю присвячено формуванню образу Києва в творчості відомого духовного письменника Російської імперії XIX ст. Андрія Миколайовича Муравйова (1806–1874). Проаналізовано зміну сакрального образу міста у зв’язку з еволюцією світогляду автора.
Ключові слова: Муравйов, образ, світогляд, семантика, Російська імперія XIX ст.

This article is dedicated to the investigation of image of Kiev in the works of famous clerical writer of Russian empire of the 19th ct. A. M. Muravyov (1806–1874). The sacred image of city is analyzed from the position of author’s evolution of outlook. Appearance of Kyiv for Muravyov was formed gradually, with the change of world view of writer: if for young poet-romanticist Muravyov determining was history, a spiritual writer Muravyov is known in presentation of city gave advantage to orthodoxy. Kyiv for a writer — above all things the sainted city. Andrey Muravyov aimed the activity to save old Kyiv, rebuild his sacred objects, return Kyiv the role of orthodox center of the Russian empire. Consequently, Kyiv for Andrey Muravyov had a deep historical and personality value which showed up in a few aspects: city, as beginning of christianity (that associated in consciousness of Muravyov with the Russian mission of Apostle An-drew); as beginning of Russia, that Kyiv Rus in a spiritual and historical con-text; as a personality constituent (in Kyiv a writer built an own house, alongside with the church of dedication of the patron St. Andrew).
Keywords: Muraviev, image, outlook, semantic, Russian empire of 19th ct.


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