M. Kruhliak Suicides as the Display of Spiritual Crisis of the Students in Ukrainian Lands of Russian Empire

У статті визначено передумови духовної кризи студентства після поразки російської революції (1905–1907 рр.) та окреслено її прояви. Проаналізовано причини студентських самогубств. Доведено суспільну обумовленість студентського суїциду та показано реакцію громадськості на нього.
Ключові слова: «нове студентство», самогубство, духовна криза, «санінство»

The article spots prepositions and conditions of the spiritual crisis among students after the failure of Russian revolution (1905–1907), as well as highlights its manifestations. Reasons for student suicides are analyzed; a certain social back-ground for student suicides is proven to have taken place and response from the society is also shown. Financial instability, restrictions of rights and freedoms and disappointment entailed after the defeat of 1905–1907 Revolution an epidemic of student suicides in Russian Empire. A typical student was rather indifferent about the value of his own life, often acted impulsively and did not fore-see consequences. A similar behavior is characteristic of young generation, that being in the prime of life does not realize the value of its life, that it is not eternal and ends one day. On the other hand, young people looked at death as on an always existing alternative, reliable method of justifying the right ideas. Suicide also became the simplest way to escape the troubles and possible embarrassment.
Keywords: «new students», suicide, spiritual crisis, «saninstvo».


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