M. Gerasymenko Secretary of War Ukrainian People Republic Alexander Zhukovskiy: Scantily Explored Activity Pages

У статті висвітлюються маловідомі факти з життя і діяльності Військового міністра Української Народної Республіки Олександра Жуковського.
Ключові слова: Військовий міністр, боротьба, уряд, союзник, посада, оборонний бій, військова частина, наказ, армійська структура, наступ.

The article highlights little known facts from life and activities of war secretary in Ukrainian People Republic Olexandr Zhukovskiy. In 1917–1921 Ukrainians were not ready to defend and fight for their national state system. Con-sequences of global miscalculations and failures came up already at the beginnings of Ukrainian state and its parliament Ukrainian Central Council. Oleksandr Zhukovskiy is a significant personality in Ukrainian national history. It was his persistent work on the position of the Secretary of Military Affairs in UPR that actually gave Ukrainian Central Council possibility to function until May 1918. Despite aggravation of military and political situation he managed not only to organize work of the Military ministry, but also to prove himself as a professional and reformer of military sector. Nowadays activities of Oleksandr Zhukovskiy are underresearched and need further historical research.
Keywords: war Secretary, fight, government, ally, position, defensive fight, military part, order, army structure, offensive.


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