Zh. Kulyk Оlena Teliha: Shows of Life and Activities of the Person in the Works of Researchers

В статті зроблено огляд наукової літератури, присвяченої життю, діяльності і творчості поетеси Олени Теліги. Особлива увага надається роботам її друзів і знайомих.
Ключові слова: історіографія; Олена Теліга; Олег Жданович; література; періодика.

This article reviews the scientific literature about the life, work and creativity of the poetess Olena Teliga. Special attention is given to the works of poetess’s friends. These works are of great historiography value, as they were written by people who directly knew the poetess, in these works the first time the life and work of Ukrainian nationalist are reflected. In particular, it’s pointed out the works of Oleg Zhdanovich, Dmytro Doncov, Ulas Samchuk Katheryna Shtul, Eugen Malaniuk. The author shows works dedicated to Olena Teliga and published after Ukraine became independent, as it was then lifted a ban on the study of many Ukrainian officials who acted in Soviet times. Among the works of Ukrainian researchers deserve much attention to researcher N. Myronets «Olena Teliga. Oh my edge “and” Olena Teliha. Letters. Memories», as well as a number of articles. Also a great contribution to the study of the figure of the poet was made by other researchers, such as O. Bagan, K. Kryvoruchko. The article also analyzes the reflection of poetess’s image in press.
Keywords: historiography, Olena Teliha, Oleg Zhdanovich, literature, press.


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