Yu. Khytrovska Official Political Position of the Rome-Catholic Church on the Right-bank of Ukraine to Russian Autocracy in the 19th — Early 20th ct.

Автор аналізує офіційне ставлення римо-католицького кліру Правобережжя до російського самодержавства у ХІХ — на початку ХХ ст., а також концентрує увагу читачів на його причинах.
Ключові слова: римо-католицька церква; царський уряд; Правобережна Україна; папська курія; Ватикан; революційні рухи.

The purpose of this article is deep analysis of the Rome-Catholic Church political position in the Right-Bank Ukraine to Russian autocracy in the 19th— early 20th ct. For the investigating of this problem author used scientific literature, archives documents and the materials of the periodical press. Rome-Catholic Church in the Right-Bank Ukraine on the whole supported the policy of the autocracy, because the most religion ministers of this confession satisfied social security, which gave them Russian government. But existing of social stratificationon also seriously influenced on their official position , because among clergy of this confession were as hierarchs, as a simple clergy. Their political positions often did not coincide. Church’s hierarchs on the whole supported Russian autocracy. Simple clergy often had another, non-official position, display of opposition. Anti-Catholic Church’s policy of government which played vital importance role in forming of Rome-Catholic clergy political position was also very important in this situation.
Keywords: Rome-Catholic Church, tsar government, Right-bank Ukraine, Pope hierarchs, Vatican, revolutions.


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